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Everyone seems to be talking about Clash Royale, and the truth is that it has become one of the most popular games in all of Latin America. The effect has been so massive that everyone plays it regardless of age or nationality.

But what makes it so special? Here I will give you a complete review of the game, so you can understand what is so special about Clash Royale, as well as links so you can clash royale download 100% free. If you are looking for clash royale pc download then also you can.
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Clash Royale Review: All You Want to Know – Best Mobile Game

The game itself bears a lot of resemblance to Clash of Clans, but it has key differences:

  1. It is more like a game in which you have to collect cards that give you powers
    The cards are divided into different classes
  2. An 8-card deck is used to play. Up to this point has a similarity with the famous game and Yu-Gi-Oh series
  3. But it’s more than just random cards. Because the game gives you the opportunity to really plan a strategy, and usually the winner is one who knows how to use his cards in the most strategic and effective way.

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The game itself is very competitive, and many players spend whole days devising strategies on how to make their deck more effective than their opponents. What many do is study their enemies, and despite losing, use this knowledge to make their own decks.

Clash Royale combines several elements of a MOBA game and a RTS in perfect synergy, and this is what makes it so interesting and exciting. As you can fight against other players around the world in real time, and of course, also with your friends from school, university, work, girlfriend, etc.

Compared to other games like Hearthstone (30 cards per deck) or Magic (60 cards), only using 8 cards returns to the competitive game but at the same time easier to handle. Because using 8 cards opens possibilities for many strategies, but without saturating, which makes it an excellent game at any time.

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Click here to download it from the PlayStore for Android.

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In this has been the success of Clash Royale: Provide a game that can be played in almost anywhere quickly but fun. In this has been the great success of the game.

The secret is to know where to position the cards at your disposal, as the game allows you to place the cards in different positions on the game board. This is where strategy comes into play: The better you do, the better results you’ll get.
The graphics and the theme of the game itself are excellent and it is another factor that makes it so attractive.

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